Büyükelçinin Mesajı

Dear Fellow Citizens and Lithuanian Friends,

I commenced my duties as Turkey’s Ambassador to Lithuania as of 22 December 2018. I am happy to represent Turkey in a friendly country and I, hereby, greet you with my most cordial sentiments.

Serious changes and a process of evolution is taking place in our world today and in this context, Turkey is pursuing a “Humanitarian and Enterprising” foreign policy that takes its roots from our national motto of “Peace at Home, Peace in the World.” Having this principle in mind, it is among our foreign policy priorities to further develop our relations and cooperation with Lithuania in the times ahead on the basis of reciprocal benefits in every field.

Exchanges of official visits between our two countries, including at the very high levels, have reinforced our bilateral relations. Our contacts in the fields of tourism, culture, trade and economy have accelerated every passing year.

The support rendered by Turkey in the process leading to Lithuania’s NATO membership in 2004 has ever since embodied the basis of our enduring and fruitful cooperation within NATO. Against this background, we are thankful to our Lithuanian friends for the support provided in the process of Turkey’s accession to the EU.

The stance of our countries in countering global terrorism and reciprocal solidarity are of vital importance. In this context, a better understanding of Turkey’s determination in its fight against terrorism is critical for the integrity of the global counterterrorism campaign and the reinforcement of solidarity with our Lithuanian friends.

In our bilateral ties, friendship and alliance relations at the political level, as well as bilateral economic-trade potential, which should be utilized, come to the fore. Trade data from recent years reveal that a trade volume of $700 million is to be expected by the end of 2018. In other words, in the last 16 years, our bilateral trade volume has increased more than four times. The legal infrastructure has been laid out to accommodate growth in investments and both countries sustain the political will in that direction.

Tourism constitutes an important dimension of relations between Turkey and Lithuania. Turkey has been Lithuanians’ most preferred holiday destination for the last 25 years. More than 200 thousand Lithuanians visited Turkey in 2018. This figure alone means that seven Lithuanians out of every 100 paid a visit to Turkey in 2018.

The number of visitors from Turkey to Lithuania has maintained a steady, year-on-year increase. Approximately 10 thousand Turkish nationals visited Lithuania in 2018. Around 450 Turkish citizens currently residing in Lithuania, a large number of Turkish students who chose to come to Lithuania through student exchange programs, and our Tatar and Karaite brothers and sisters who are Lithuania’s indigenous people, all together represent our culture here and make positive contributions to social life in Lithuania.

With these thoughts and sentiments, I sincerely welcome all those who read these lines and I hereby express my staunch belief that our citizens who come to Lithuania for many an occasion will act in unity on national issues and will make the right preferences to further consolidate Turkish-Lithuanian relations.

Stressing the fact that our doors remain wide open to you, I present, on behalf of my colleagues and me, our appreciation for your trust and support.

Gökhan TURAN



Gökhan Turan Ambassador
Monday - Friday

09:00 - 17:00

Consular Section Working Hours: 09.00-12:00, Information Hours 14:00-16:00 +370 5 236 42 00 or 01
1/1/2021 1/1/2021 New Year’s Day
2/16/2021 2/16/2021 Independence Day of Lithuania
3/11/2021 3/11/2021 Restoration of Independence of Lithuania
4/4/2021 4/5/2021 Easter
5/1/2021 5/1/2021 Labour Day
5/13/2021 5/13/2021 Religious Holiday in Turkey
6/24/2021 6/24/2021 St. John’s Day/Midsummer’s Day
7/6/2021 7/6/2021 Coronation of Mindaugas as King of Lithuania
7/20/2021 7/20/2021 Religious Holiday in Turkey
8/15/2021 8/15/2021 Assumption Day
10/29/2021 10/29/2021 National Day of Turkey
11/1/2021 11/1/2021 All Saints’ Day
11/2/2021 11/2/2021 All Soul's Day
12/24/2021 12/24/2021 Christmas Eve
12/25/2021 12/26/2021 Christmas